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Colruyt Group

Colruyt Group

Over more than 80 years ago, Colruyt saw its first light as a family business in Lembeek, Flemish Brabant. Today, the initial small company has grown into a family of companies: Colruyt Group. A flourishing player with numerous retail formulas and active in 4 countries.Originally, the supermarket Colruyt served as the parent company for every new store formulas (DreamLand, OKay, Bio-Planet...) until these had developed into mature companies with the need to stand on their own two feet. Colruyt no longer is the supporting cradle, but a sister alongside her other sisters. So, today, Colruyt Group is a family of equal sister companies.From the start, efficiency has always been one of Colruyt's major topics. One of the important conditions for example, was to keep costs to a minimum and hence to guarantee the lowest prices. Gradually, this efficiency evolved into simplicity. In a high-quality way, the group wants to offer added value to its customers, staff, suppliers... Offering simplicity in a complex society is a commitment we enter into every day.The customers trust is the key for every Colruyt Group staff member. Everything we do is executed in a sustainable manner to meet our customers needs. If their needs change, we immediately investigate how to respond best in a responsible way. We do so as simply as possible. We wish to offer solutions to the customers by means of various store formulas tuned to their environment, city, family situation...Not only on the economic level, but also in the field of ecology and society, we wish to make a significant contribution. Sustainability is in Colruyt Group's DNA. For instance, by maintaining a sustainable personnel policy, creating renewable energy and by making our product range more sustainable, we hope to make the difference.


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