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The Ivy Collection

The Ivy Collection

People have been flocking to The Ivy, West Street for decades. The restaurant celebrated the 100th anniversary in 2017 and during that remarkable length of time our popularity has never waned. Ben McCormack explained this succinctly in The Telegraph Luxury when he wrote: “One of The Ivy’s trump cards has always been its suitability for every occasion.”

The Ivy Brasseries
Bringing the familiar luxury of The Ivy to a select group of restaurants, The Ivy Brasseries offer extensive all-day menus featuring the best of modern British dishes in a relaxed dining atmosphere.

Each restaurant is sophisticated yet approachable, casual yet polished and can be found in carefully selected locations both in London, the rest of UK and Ireland. Private rooms are also available in the majority of locations.

Quality food and delicious cocktails are the mainstay of The Ivy Collection experience, and include more than a few classic favourites to both eat and drink that nod to their Ivy heritage.

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