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Belgium Customs Authority Advises Export Halt

Belgium Customs Authority Advises Export Halt

Date: 08 March 2019

The Belgian customs authority is advising businesses who export to the UK to halt their shipments after 29th March to avoid customs chaos in a no-deal Brexit scenario. 

Chief executive of Belgian customs, Kristian Vanderwaeren, suggested a “Brexitpauze” after Brexit and said companies should cary out as much of their exporting as they are able to now.

“Who are we as customs to give the business world instructions? But we are still asking the SMEs and all other parties to wait. Do the necessary export to your customers before 29 March,” he informed Belgian business newspaper De Tijd.

Mr Vanderwaeren continues, saying that larger industries “such as pharmaceutical companies and car manufacturers” had been “storing stock in the UK for months” to bypass having to get vital parts through after 29th March but that most firms were not well prepared.