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Carrefour Belgium stops selling plastic bags at the checkout

Carrefour Belgium stops selling plastic bags at the checkout

Date: 28 October 2020

Ending sales of single-use plastic bags at all its checkouts is another of Carrefour Belgium's actionable commitments to help tackle plastic. Carrefour Belgium's Act for Food programme is made up of several initiatives that have already helped to reduce the quantities of plastic in our lives and in our stores, such as our policy to reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging for our products and our aim of having 100% recyclable packaging for Carrefour products by 2025.

Numerous alternatives to single-use plastic bags that have until now been sold for €0.10 in some stores are available at checkouts and for products sold loose. Carrefour has created an assortment of reusable bags made of recycled materials (that can be recycled again). This range features four models, all designed to cater to customers various needs, such as shopping and other everyday activities. Carrefour also has two types of organic cotton pouches for wrapping fruit and vegetables, as well as other articles sold loose.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Carrefour was also the first retailer in Belgium to invite its customers to bring their own containers to hypermarkets for use at the delicatessen, cheese, meat and fish counters. Carrefour encourages its customers to bring their own shopping bags, for wrapping up their purchases at the checkout, as well as articles sold loose, such as fruit and vegetables.