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Carrefour’s first robotic pedestrian drive enters service in Paris

Carrefour’s first robotic pedestrian drive enters service in Paris

Date: 08 September 2020

Carrefour has recently introduced its first robotic pedestrian drive in the 14th arrondissement of Paris.

Fully automatic, with no staff required

The system behind the pedestrian drive has been deployed by Polish company Retail Robotics and combines in a single block the storage of the boxes (94 or 202, depending on the chosen variant) and the device itself, consisting of hatches that open to give customers access to their order without human intervention. At the moment, the operating rate is reduced to calibrate the installation.


The device, called Arctan, is dual-temperature (4 degrees and -18 degrees for frozen food, which must be collected from another cabinet) and highlights the compactness of the installation.

There are two variants of Arctan. The first one is Arctan Compact solution occupies an area of 12.26 sq m (7.66 meters long, 1.6 m deep and 2.45 m high) and has a storage capacity of 94 lockers, and includes four hatches. The second variant is Arctan Power solution, which offers a capacity of 202 lockers, and occupies an area of 15.5 sq m (9.66 meters long, 1.6 meters deep and 3.5 m high), includes six hatches. In addition, each variant includes a cabinet that’s dedicated to frozen food (1.67 m long, one meter deep and two meters high), which has 28 slots.

How does it work?

The customer scans a QR code in front of a reader, which triggers the delivery of the order. The corresponding lockers (that contain the orders) are brought by an automatic device from the storage area to the hatch. The customer collects his groceries, then puts the locker back (empty) or leaves it in the hatch. If the order contains frozen foods, these must be collected from a specific cabinet. According to Retail Robotics, two or three customers can collect their order simultaneously (depending on the variant installed).

Competition in France

Auchan is due to deploy soon three additional pedestrian drives in Lille, where the retailer has already two operational drives, whereas E. Leclerc has already more than 50 drives spread across the country. Meanwhile, Carrefour has accelerated the deployment of pedestrian drives in the last couple of years, and has rolled out 100 of them so far, mostly in Paris.