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Co-op teams up with zero-emissions delivery startup Pinga

Co-op teams up with zero-emissions delivery startup Pinga

Date: 15 September 2020

Over 500 products initially available

Co-op will initially offer 500 products through Pinga’s App, serving up to one million people living close to five of the convenience retailer’s stores located in Hackney, Stepney and Stoke Newington.

Once the order is placed, the groceries are picked up by Pinga’s couriers and delivered to the customer’s door in 90 minutes or less, mainly on foot, electric scooter or bicycle. The startup is working towards 100% emission free deliveries in the coming months.

According to the retailer, Co-op stores working as micro distribution hubs locally fits with Pinga’s plans to digitise and work closely with high streets stores, with Pinga estimating that more than half of orders currently made online could be supplied by local retailers.

“To meet the needs of communities”

Jason Perry, Co-op Head of Online Development, said: “We continue to innovate and expand access to our products, getting closer to our Members and customers with ease, speed, quality and choice locally to meet the needs of communities.

“Shoppers are increasingly looking for on-demand online convenience – shopping in close proximity to their home or place of work. With deliveries made in 90 minutes or less we can provide what shoppers want, when and where they need it, conveniently.”

Meanwhile, Pinga’s co-Founder Michael Goulden explained: “We describe Pinga as the ‘High Street in your Hand’ and our aim is to digitise and work in collaboration with local stores. Creating an ethical gig economy is key to us, and the combination of emission free deliveries and treating our people, partners and the planet fairly are at the heart of our approach.

“We believe this will mean that those involved right across our supply chain are more likely to stay with us, building great relationships with customers. Those shared values are why we’re so pleased to have partnered with the Co-op.”

Source: IGD